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03. - 07. May 2021 (5 Days)

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EUR 2.965,-  per Person sharing Double Room at / from Rome airport.

Single Supplement + EUR 460,-
Mind. 10 – max. 15 Guests
Deposit EUR 300,-  per Person

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31. March 2021 / after upon request

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ROME - Gardens and History

«I can say that I only felt in Rome what a human being really is. I never came back to this height, to this happiness of sensation. »

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Who can disagree with the great German poet? Rome captivates every visitor. The Eternal City is peppered with architectural monuments and world-famous works of art from all eras. History comes to life in the metropolis on the Tiber. But the city on the seven hills is often also a city with seven seals. The “Città Eterna” enchants and seduces, delights and touches. The city is a puzzle that will never be finished, but has always fit together. Rome cannot be understood. You have to experience Rome.

With 820 km2 of green spaces, Rome is one of the greenest cities in Europe. Far away from noisy cars and rattling motorini, even tired locals come to rest. In addition to large parks, magnificent gardens and lush, planted small and large terraces still play an important role in the Eternal City and are part of the unmistakable cityscape.

In the area around Viterbo, which has the highest concentration of historical gardens in the world, the Italian garden has reached its maximum expression. The Giardino Segreto of the pentagonal Villa Farnese in Caprarola, one of the most important palaces of the Renaissance and Mannerism in Italy, is an elegant example.

South of Rome, Ninfa is perhaps the most romantic garden in the world, a natural jewel that not only makes garden enthusiasts and experts enthusiastic from near and far. The almost adjacent Torrecchia Vecchia garden, designed by the English landscape architect Dan Pearson, enchants with its seemingly random, wild landscape.

Private green hideaways in Rome and north of the Eternal City, as well as a heavenly terrace in Rome complete the green repertoire of this trip.

Under the leadership of Dr. Ursula Prügger will experience her adopted city of Rome and garden paradises in the surroundings of the Eternal City. In the gardens, you will also be accompanied by local garden experts or the garden owners.

Arrival at Rome Fiumicino airport and meeting point with Dr. Ursula Prügger

Check-in Lifestyle VOI Hotel Donna Camilla Savelli, historic 4 star hotel in a central location in the quiet part of the Trastevere district.

Welcome lunch or drink depending on the arrival time

Private tour in the garden of the "Villa Medici l’Académie de France à Rome" The imposing street-facing facade of the villa is clearly visible from afar, as is the viewpoint Gianicolo. The garden facade and the park are in contrast to the strict fortress-like facade. The Villa Medici is located on the Pincio hill, above the Spanish Steps to the Villa Borghese park on one side and the Trinità dei Monti monastery on the other. The collector and patron Ferdinando de 'Medici, who was elected cardinal at the age of 13, acquired the property in 1576 and commissioned a Florentine architect to convert the residence into a palace worthy of the Medici family. As a lover of antiquity, he had the villa designed like a museum. The park with its botanical rarities was staged effectively based on the botanical gardens in Pisa and Florence and richly decorated with important ancient finds.

In 1803 the purpose of the Villa Medici changed radically. From the private palazzo and second residence of the Medici family, the Villa Medici becomes the seat of the French Academy. Since then, it has been home to around twenty young French artists, Prix de Rome scholars and offers them the opportunity to live and create in this exclusive location. Over the years, the workplaces and artists' studios in particular have been expanded and adapted to the requirements.

Aperitif and appetizers in the Villa Medici - At the end of the tour the aperitif with appetizers is ready for you in the villa. Walk from Villa Medici to the Spanish Steps

To immerse yourself in the atmosphere and history of the city, go on a first small tour with Ursula Prügger.

Welcome dinner in an elegant garden restaurant

Excursion to the Viterbo area north of Rome

Private hillside garden with lake view - In the heart of the Etruscan landscape, this south-facing hill rises gently to Lake Bracciano and offers a glimpse of the sea on the horizon. Starting in 1994, the owners created a fairytale garden on almost 4,000 m2 on it.

The desire to evoke the colors and scents of the nearby Tyrrhenian coast and to focus on sustainability has led to experiments with Mediterranean plants and especially with rock roses. The shrub is widespread on many Mediterranean coasts. Thanks to the volcanic soil, around a hundred native species and hybrids are integrated into the landscape today. The garden as a whole is a contemporary example of protecting the environment, biodiversity and sustainable decisions.

Lunch snack in the private garden - In this idyllic setting you can enjoy a lunch snack together with the owners.

Visit the historically significant Villa Farnese in Caprarola - In the area around Viterbo, which has the highest concentration of historical gardens in the world, the Italian garden has reached its maximum expression. An excellent example of this is the Giardino Segreto of the pentagonal Villa Farnese in Caprarola, one of the most important palaces of the Renaissance and Mannerism in Italy.

Private garden in Caprarola - a new project After the historic gardens, visit this modern garden, which belongs to a small villa from the last century. Before the garden designer intervened a few years ago, all elements of the eclectic gardens, which were inspired by the classic tradition of the petty bourgeoisie and nobility, were present: pergola, rectangular hedges, large boxwood balls and a central fountain. You can expect the owners and the garden designer who will show you how he changed the garden. Instead of the hedges, he used a variety of plants to underline the seasonality. The original structure is revived by the different leaves, colors, fragrances and flowers.

Return to Rome

Dinner in a rustic pizzeria

Excursion south of Rome to Ninfa and the private park Torrecchia Vecchia

The garden of «Ninfa» - a paradise on earth - «The most romantic garden in the world» - this is how the British author and rose expert Peter Beales describes the Giardino di Ninfa in his book «Rose Gardens». The picturesque nature park on the slopes of the Monti Lepini surrounds the ruins of the medieval town of Ninfa and is crossed by the river of the same name. An English garden was created at the beginning of the 20th century under the expert guidance of the Caetani family. The gardener and director of natural gases Ninfa Lauro Marchetti is said to be particularly sensitive in the design. He grew up in Ninfa as a child and owes him the pearl in the former marsh not far from Latina. On the one hand, Marchetti lets nature run free, but thanks to his training in England, he finds a compromise with its design. Thousands of important exotic trees and flowers from all over the world were used in an area of ​​900 hectares. The garden, just 60 km from Rome, is the result of loving care and maintenance, with ingenious botanical interventions that are emphasized by the special microclimate, rich in water sources. The most beautiful plants surround the old ruins like a fairytale. Countless roses, clematis, loniceras and many other natural beauties delight visitors. In order to maintain the delicate ecological balance, the park is only open to the public a few days a year.

Lunch in the garden of «Torrecchia Vecchia» - About 50 km south of Rome and near Ninfa is the 510 hectare, lush growing Torrecchia Vecchia nature park with oak forests, flower meadows and a diverse fauna. In 1991, Prince Carlo Caracciolo and his wife Violante Visconti commissioned the famous architect Gae Aulenti to convert their 17th-century granary into a simple, elegant villa. Enjoy your light lunch in this relaxed atmosphere.

Visit to the garden of «Torrecchia Vecchia» - After lunch you will discover its countless botanical gems on a guided walk through the garden. Following the example of the English Garden, the landscape is designed knowingly as if it were a random, wild landscape.

The different white nuances of Wisteria Floribunda, hydrangeas, jasmine, Sally Holmes, Iceberg and Alfred Carrière roses, as well as Japanese anemones and columbines are recognizable. Gunnera cascades (mammoth leaf), arum, iris, swamp lily and pomegranate complete the romantic staging. The English landscape architect Dan Pearson created the 2 hectare garden within the walls and his student Stuart Barfoot continued the project with the same sensitivity of his teacher. - Return to Rome

End the day comfortably in a family-run trattoria near the Pantheon

A special rose garden on the outskirts, lunch in a farm and winery, the garden of the monks at the Basilica of San Paolo outside the walls and gala dinner on one of the most spectacular private Roman terraces.

Visiting a special private old rose garden on the outskirts of Rome - «I was long convinced that I never needed a garden. Today I know that my garden has been my best and most loyal friend for 50 years, ”says the garden owner. During a visit to the famous Italian rose collection by Prof. Gianfranco Fineschi near Arezzo, Maresa was bewitched and in 1973 she started to plant her garden. Everything revolves around roses in her “Giardino”, which has become a real jungle. And the real magic lies in the apparent disorder. Decades and passion were necessary to create this paradise. Every rose lover should get to know Maresa and her rose collection. Peter Beales also dedicates a chapter to her and her little paradise in his famous book “Visions of Roses”.

German garden love transplanted to Rome - this gem on the outskirts is a garden of Nordic inspiration, in which the formal references to the classic, Italian or Mediterranean garden are completely absent. In a Roman landscape full of cork oaks, eucalyptus trees and meadows, where it gets very hot in summer, this garden is an oasis of flowers that begins to bloom in late winter. The owner designed it according to her personal inspiration by thinking of the paths to be followed and by choosing the spontaneous vegetation and letting it grow. A naturalistic, inviting garden that, although not very large, offers corners, hiding places and new perspectives every moment.

Lunch in the garden of a farm with a winery - in organic farming just outside Rome, you will be spoiled with a small menu from your own vegetable garden, which is only 20 meters from the kitchen.

Monastery garden at the Pope Basilica of Saint Paul in front of the walls - In the heart of the Benedictine abbey lies the garden of the monks, which was redesigned in 2013, a green power place that is normally inaccessible to the public. According to the rules of St. Benedict, plants and medicinal herbs that have already been cited in the Bible by the monks have been grown here in the “Hortus Simplicium” for more than 1,300 years. They are used in the manufacture of phytotherapeutic remedies, which are also available in the monastery pharmacy.

On a botanical-scientific, but also theological, philosophical and literary journey you will discover the different areas of the garden.

Return to the hotel - free time

Gala dinner on a terrace in a private palazzo - The landlady, an enthusiastic and outstanding cook and lifestyle expert, welcomes you on her terrace with a breathtaking 360 ° view of the old town within easy reach, with its most important monuments, mighty domes and hidden green terraces. When the sun goes down, Rome is at your feet.

Surprise garden and farewell lunch by the sea

Check out hotel

Visit to a special garden, whose name is only revealed shortly before the trip

Drive towards Fiumicino Airport

Lunch by the sea - Before heading to the nearby airport, enjoy the farewell lunch in a fish restaurant on the beach.

transfer to the airport


Due to the lead time, there may be changes in the opening times that are not our responsibility. This also applies to the gardens and villas. Of course, in the event that a garden cannot be visited, we will provide an equivalent replacement


Arrival by plane to Rome - start of the trip from Rome Fiumicino airport in the morning. First visit in the afternoon. - End of the trip at Rome Fiumicino airport in the afternoon after lunch.

Local guides and garden experts - The trip is started from Rome by Dr. Ursula Prügger managed. You will also be accompanied in the gardens by their owners and local garden experts. Ms. Dr. interprets from the Italian language Ursula Prügger.

Restaurants - A gourmet foray complements the program and gives an excellent impression of the traditional and newly interpreted cuisine of Rome and the Lazio region with its local products.


Many of our guests have rebooked their trip to 2021 trips due to the corona-related cancellation. Thank you very much for that.
All guests who could not decide were refunded their payments within 2 days.

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