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13.- 18. May 2021 (6 Days)

Tour Costs

EUR 2.365,-  per Person sharing Double Room at / from Palma de Mallorca airport.

Single Supplement + EUR 330,-
Mind. 10 – max. 15 Guests
Deposit EUR 240,-  per Person

Expiry Date

31. December 2020 / after upon request

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MALLORCA - Private Fincas and Gardens

Mallorca is a vacation paradise for many. Relax on the beach, hike in the mountains, explore the country and people in the villages, experience art and culture in the capital Palma - the versatile island offers a varied program for every taste. Completely hidden, however, are a few garden gems that hardly anyone knows about.
This journey takes you to the private paradises of passionate gardeners, to ancient fincas and modern estates. Behind meter-high walls, on the flat land or on the cliffs - the gardens, the gates of which open for you, are true gems of garden architecture.
The fantastic garden impressions are accompanied by culinary, country-typical dishes, sometimes traditional, sometimes modern and young interpreted in village restaurants or at the harbor, gourmet highlights and fine dining, and sometimes even a meal directly in the garden, lovingly prepared by the hosts - days full of sensual delight await you in Mallorca in spring.

Individual arrival to Palma de Mallorca airport by approx. 2 p.m.
On the following days we visit the private gardens of:

It Ravella
A modern formalistic garden with a gigantic view over the sea. The strict structures change into wild landscape formations on the way to the in-house stud. The horses that are bred here belong to the old Spanish breed PRE, Pura Raza Española and look like mythical creatures with their long, blond mane. The hostess guides us herself and gives insights into her work in the garden and with the animals.

Can Estel
A beautiful property of 30,000 square meters full of lovingly maintained garden spaces. For more than thirty years, Mediterranean plants and thousands of roses have grown harmoniously next to each other, paired with antique sculptures and wonderful garden ideas. Rather English or French in appearance, this garden paradise is the passion of a very harmonious couple with exceptional charisma. The landlady herself guides us and chats charmingly from the wealth of knowledge of a worldly gardener life. Finally, she serves tea and pastries in the finest porcelain and antique silver - a film-like backdrop.

It Turó
An imaginative garden full of 'words'. To the surprise, the modern house has a Japanese garden and beautiful landscape formations in which artistic words have been embedded. Outstanding architecture and a very personal interpretation of garden happiness await you here. The French hostess serves us tapas for an aperitif on the terrace with a fantastic view of the landscape.

Son Muda
In the middle of the flat country, the Swiss garden designer Hélène Lindgens created a garden dream all in white, the rooms of which expand ever further into the surrounding fields. What started as a private hobby has grown into a large company that has created some of the most beautiful gardens in Mallorca. The tour is exciting and informative at the same time. Afterwards we will enjoy a Lebanese mezze menu, which the landlord, passionate hobby cook and host, has prepared for us.

Cal Reiet
The manorial country house from the 18th century belonged to an English garden enthusiast for 40 years. He loved large parties, so there are many terraces in the garden for hours of fun. For a few years now, the beautiful house has been hosting 'holistic retreat' international guests who want to find peace and quiet here. Modernized and refreshed in a pleasant way, the house and garden invite you to relax. We will 'stroll' through the garden and have lunch on the terrace; happy healthy food, as it corresponds to the concept of the house.

Son Almendros
Here architecture and garden play an exciting game with each other. The owner, who unfortunately passed away, was one of the most creative entrepreneurs in the Federal Republic and implemented his own design ideas in Mallorca with several houses. This was his last and most important work, we also inspect it inside. In addition to the garden, he created a 'fairy garden' shortly before his death, which he wanted to use for concerts and theater. Even if it may not be as perfectly cared for, the visit is worth it mainly because of the mood that captivates every visitor. The host's Japanese partner provides us with bento boxes, real Japanese lunch menus.

Sa Mesquida
The private garden of a Mallorcan garden architect, less a field of experimentation than a collection of plants and a hoard of some botanical treasures. Enchanted and wildly romantic with water and stones, numerous seats fit into the garden. Not a show garden, but a beloved family retreat. We really enjoy Spanish 'picadas', delicious little things that are served as an aperitif.

Son Ferreret
Private garden designed by the same designer. It is exciting to see the creative difference between your garden and that designed for demanding clients. Beautiful plant combinations and the topographical structure of the entire property are extraordinarily impressive.

Sa Torre
Spectacular garden on the cliffs in front of Palma by the English star designer Stephen Woodhams. Mediterranean plant combinations in a completely new look with strongly structured fields characterize this garden. Strong color combinations and a clever play with shapes and structures ensure a large appearance of the comparatively small property.

Meals are taken together at selected locations that are integrated into the daily routine. From beach bars to gourmet restaurants, there are delightful experiences of Mallorca's gastronomic diversity, see travel description. These are not included in the travel price.


Due to the advance, the opening times


Many of our guests have rebooked their trip to 2021 trips due to the corona-related cancellation. Thank you very much for that.
All guests who could not decide were refunded their payments within 2 days.

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