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24.- 28. May 2021 (5 days)

Tour Costs

EUR 2.885,-  per Person sharing Double Room to / from Sylt airport.

Single Supplement + EUR 90,-
Mind. 10 – max. 15 Persons
Deposit EUR 290,-  per Persons

Expiry date

31. December 2020 / after at request

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SYLT - Invitation to hidden Gardens

SYLT - invitations to hidden gardens

SYLT Hidden paradises in North Frisia

Welcome to the largest and most popular North Sea island. The magic of Sylt includes the diverse landscape, the wide beach and the special climate with the salty air on the rough sea side and the calm Wadden Sea. It's a paradise for beach goers, hikers, even gourmets, and a haven for those seeking relaxation. This trip has another aspect: gardens. The private “green areas” have an unusually powerful appearance on this charming island and show a typical, unmistakable design. The gardens reflect the original and contemporary attitude towards life. We visit private gardens, which are often hidden behind thick hedges and Friesian walls. There are plants of various shapes, sometimes in a scenic style, sometimes completely natural, sometimes in a modern design with a baroque attitude and high garden culture. Let yourself be surprised!

On the following days we visit some of the most beautiful private gardens:

We start to get to know a garden in Westerland, which can be easily reached on foot from the Hotel Stadt Hamburg.

Courage for radical renewal. A difficult corner plot in the middle of the city. On many days, the salty wind sweeps right over from the North Sea and even seems to be charging on its way into the country. On the opposite side, massive housing construction dominates. What to do Instead of distinctive design, a feeling of lightness and vacation is the better option. Privacy screens made of tall trees such as cherry laurel and olive willow provided the desired protection from being seen. And a brick wall was pulled up towards the street. It made it possible to create a spacious terrace, which is laterally delimited by long steps. The material for the terrace, steps and paths: Belgian bluestone with the incomparably striking blue-gray look. This created an intimate garden space, in which even a beach chair has found space for the holiday mood. Perhaps there is an opportunity to start the evening with a special aperitif, a regional gin and tonic.

Two star chef and patron of the Söl’ring Hof restaurant, Johannes King, leads a small excursion into the Sylt salt marshes at the rantum basin, which can only be visited within a small time window. We'll be on the lookout for the Queller or Vermouth. Then it's off to his unusual Keitumer garden paradise. Enjoying the cycle of nature is King's motto. The garden behind the pleasure shop is a unique and unusual place and valuable for its regional cuisine. Vegetables and herbs are sown and planted there. The early flowers and fine tips of wild herbs and young shoots are picked from kale and carrots, for example. In any case, we will enjoy small fine gourmet delicacies à la Johannes King as a lunch in the luxury shop, including wine, water and coffee, before we drive to two great gardens in the afternoon.

Total work of art. In the eastern part of Sylt, where the Hindenburgdamm links the island with the mainland, is one of the most impressive gardens. The centerpiece is the listed 200-year-old house, the past of which was clearly visible when it was taken over. The barn buildings looked as if the cattle had just been driven into the meadow. The wide area all around also succumbed to his sleeping beauty. All of this was an extraordinary challenge. Gradually, the creative garden owner created great garden spaces in which a tree house and a vegetable garden are hidden. The result is a total work of art of a high level, which includes captivating views and topics. Enjoy the atmosphere of the terrace with a cup of coffee or tea.

Broad land. When the former farm was no longer profitable, committed people took over the area with the beautiful buildings and transformed the agricultural land into a spacious garden. As simple as the concept is, it offers everything a garden on Sylt needs, plus wind protection. This is taken into account in various ways, by means of an articulated wall with thick vegetation, old trees and ramparts that are equipped with gnarled willows. The pasture theme is visibly repeated on this site. An old orchard and a spacious terrace right by the house are also part of the concept. Where width is the order of the day, there are only a few vegetable swabs, carefully selected. An eye-catcher here is the great swimming pond in an astonishing size, which by no means lacks a view of the sea. The garden is part of the landscape with wonderful additions of sky, wind and horizon.

A touch of beach flair. Even if the North Sea and Wadden Sea are not in sight, the garden should still convey a typical beach feeling. Especially beach grass, which covers and consolidates the many sand dunes with its narrow, blue-green leaves, is one of them. Even a wooden walkway, as is often found as an access to the beach, would create the desired lightness. And the big pine solitaires? They do not belong to the old trees, but have only recently been planted. After the existing spruce trees had been cleared, there were great views of the neighboring buildings. In short decision, large pines were selected especially for these sensitive locations, which appear as if they were at home here. Hard to believe! Despite its small size, the garden has many beautiful aspects, both from the terrace and the yoga spot, from which the indicated dune with the beach grass looks particularly cozy.

Cheerful and practical. This is not about showmanship, but an everyday space suitable for everyday use. In her property, the interior designer demonstrates her professionalism not only in the design of the living space, but also in the areas around the Frisian house. Depending on the position of the sun and the direction of the wind, two terraces are ideal for a cozy get-together or maybe for soothing meditation. In early summer there is a climbing rose with its delicate splendor, later in the year the focus is on the flowering of heather and hydrangeas. We will gladly accept the invitation to a cup of coffee and tea in order to intensively absorb the atmosphere of this gem.

Would you like a coffee break or lunch? Then it goes into a former anti-aircraft bunker in Kampen, which was converted into a "copper can". An unusual place and a popular meeting place especially for those who appreciate homemade cakes.

Color-oriented with the sea in view. The highlight of the garden, which was created here out of nowhere, so to speak, were the sweeping shapes, the ups and downs that make the area near the Wadden Sea so outstanding. They have been modeled by a wide band of mountain pines into a landscape of an unusual kind. The sequence of the many round mountain pine shapes, which almost conjures up a reflection of the grown landscape in the background, looks like an opulent stage set. It is a true horticultural handicraft, how the pine wall pushes so picturesque in front of the sea while looking at the wide horizon. And what goes with the beautiful shades of green? “I think that lavender is an excellent fit, also because it perfectly absorbs the colors of the heather. This is how this composition came about. "

Flair of a city garden with a view inside. The garden captivates with its abundance of flowering and evergreen plants and the beneficial forms. Despite its somewhat difficult location next to the delivery zone of a commercial building, it exudes calm and security. Privacy protection is a big issue here, which was professionally solved with the help of tall-stemmed ornamental apple trees and densely planted double-sided stone walls. A long line of sight leads from the front door across the terrace to the trunk of a selected ornamental apple tree. The beautiful material of the old large-format granite slabs, which was used for the paths and the inviting terrace, contributes to this.

There used to be more garden. The honorary state commissioner for monument conservation invites us to her old Frisian house in the eastern part of Sylt, in the beautiful village of Keitum. Over a cup of Friesian tea, she tells about the exciting history of her island and how houses and properties with the gardens have developed over time. A short tour of the village follows. The visit concludes with a visit to the site of the St. Severin church from the 13th century with the dignified cemetery.

On the way north from Sylt to List, we stop at a leading oyster restaurant to enjoy the Sylt specialty fresh.

Location, location, location. In the north of the island, where the sea wind has piled the sand into massive dunes, the gardens have a completely different look than in those landscapes that are less exposed to the harsh climate. The high salinity and the constant "bushy wind", as the islanders say, only allow for low vegetation. That is why, in this privileged location, a special focus is placed on being close to nature. The garden itself becomes a natural landscape, so that the familiar image of garden design can be dispensed with. The borders are fluid, no fence disturbs the view of the vastness of the horizon. And it is breathtaking in the truest sense.

Dunes cemetery

Optional: Worth a detour. Embedded in the Lister dune landscape, this hidden cemetery offers an unexpected calm atmosphere. This place of silence, this park-like sight, has existed here for more than 100 years.

On the way we will accompany the wandering shepherd with his flock of fjordland sheep for a short distance and learn interesting facts about how the natural stock of the great heathland is preserved with the help of the woolly cloven hoofed animals. We will stop briefly to watch the gardeners at work, for example how a typical boulder wall is built or how large trees are planted.

Dinner in the 2-star Söl’ring Hof gourmet restaurant by Mr. King and Mr. Berner

Meals are taken together at selected locations that are integrated into the daily routine. There are delightful experiences of Sylt's gastronomic diversity, see travel description. With the exception of lunch at the gourmet shop in Keitum, these are not included in the travel price.


Due to the lead time, there may be changes in the opening times that are not our responsibility. This also applies to the gardens. Of course, in the event that a garden cannot be visited, we will provide an equivalent replacement.


Many of our guests have rebooked their trip to 2021 trips due to the corona-related cancellation. Thank you very much for that.
All guests who could not decide were refunded their payments within 2 days.

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