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19.- 23. April 2021 (5 Days)

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EUR 2.665,– per Person sharing Double Room at / from Verona Airport.

Single Supplement + EUR 240,–
Mind. 10 – max. 15 Guests
Deposit EUR 270,– p. Person

Expiry Date

30. January 2021 / after upon request

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GARDA - Healthy Tulip Mania

In literature as well as in painting and gardening, the theme of the lake has always been a source of great inspiration. The lake is a mirror that reflects the ideal microcosm of the garden with its chromatic diversity of nature on its banks.

Sea gardens have their specialty and recognizability and the presence of a lake basin gives them a special attraction. The favorable microclimate and the protection from cold winds offer the possibility of realizing special botanical worlds.

The starting point for your explorations is Lake Garda, with its 150 km long shore, Italy's largest lake. It is famous for its unique Mediterranean climate and the lush southern vegetation with the golden shining lemons in the numerous gardens, as well as the picturesque and on the other hand sophisticated places.

The creation of villas and gardens, especially in the 18th century and in the second half of the 19th century as a refuge for noble families, helped shape the development of the landscape of Lake Garda.

From the southern end of Lake Garda, about 10 km away, is one of the most extraordinary gardens in the world: The Sigurtà landscape park in Valeggio sul Mincio, in the province of Verona. The Franciacorta wine-growing region, about 40 km from Lake Garda, has a lot to offer: Italy's finest pearls foam here, top-quality sparkling wine with classic bottle fermentation, which is considered the king of Italian sparkling wines. Gardens The private, publicly accessible Parco Sigurtà, named the “Most Beautiful Park in Italy” in 2013, took second place in the 2015 European Garden Prize.

The Italian garden with elements of the English landscape garden extends with an area of ​​60 hectares on hilly terrain along the left bank of the river Mincio. Thousands of flowers alternate in their splendor throughout the year.

The first highlight are the tulips in March and April. Over a million blossoms from 300 different types of tulips fill meadows, beds and troughs anchored in the water. The term “Tulipanomania” has become common for this event. After the Dutch Keukenhof, it is the second largest tulip plant in Europe. In 2019 it received the World Tulip Award - an honor only given to the most outstanding tulip flowers in the world.

The elegant Gardone Riviera on the western shore of the lake is home to two exclusive gardens. A “sample collection in regions of the world”, with these words André Heller describes his Giardino Botanico. Thanks to a climate that he describes as “the air of happiness”, over the years he has been able to transform this piece of land into a garden of paradise with plants from all over the world. The incredible diversity is harmoniously combined in the garden with the Mediterranean landscape and the contemporary sculptures by artists of international level such as Keith Haring or Roy Lichtenstein. The visitor embarks on an extraordinary journey - into a world that combines nature and art. A mountain landscape as well as water gardens and Asian zen gardens make the Heller garden world famous. 2,000 plants from all continents can be admired on over 10,000 m2. Also in the Vittoriale degli Italiani (monument to the victory of the Italians) with its gardens, buildings and waterways, nature and art intertwine in a different way and offer a spectacular panorama. It is probably the only garden in the world with a ship - a fascinating memento.

The famous citadel is dedicated to the poet and writer Gabriele D’Annunzio. You can reach the beautiful gardens on Garda Island by private boat. Set in terraces with cleverly modeled hedges, palm trees, oleanders, kaki, lemon, orange, grapefruit, pomegranate and olive trees, the garden area frames the Venetian-style palazzo, which is still inhabited by the Borghese-Cavazza family. Cypresses, bougainvillea and a variety of other Mediterranean plants and flowers complete this idyll. The most impressive and wildest part is in the flat area of ​​Isola del Garda.

Typical Mediterranean plants thrive here, such as evergreen cypresses, bald cypresses, cedars, bay trees and various types of shrubs and essences. On the west bank of Lake Garda, which enjoys particularly mild temperatures, begins the kingdom of Lake Garda lemons, which the Franciscan monks have imported and grown since the 14th century. The export to all of Northern Europe already took place in Goethe's time. Lemons are grown on terraces in the special historic greenhouses, the Limonaie or lemon houses, famous for Lake Garda. They protect the citrus plants from the cold wind from the mountains and capture heat and light from the lake. The lemon houses offer space for eight to nine meters high lemon trees.

You will visit a lemon garden that dates back to the 16th century and is still in perfect condition down to the traditional details. The Limonaia was bought by the current owner in 1978, after years of total neglect. Only six of the original lemon trees were still alive at this point. Thanks to the care, the location of the perfectly preserved limonaia on a protected landscape terrace and its proximity to the lake, it is today one of the few still productive lemon gardens with an annual harvest of around 20,000 lemons.

The enchanting garden of Castello Quistini is also hidden in the sparkling wine paradise of Franciacorta. A few selected private gardens on Lake Garda and its surroundings complete this multifaceted program. Physical well-being A gourmet foray completes this garden tour and gives an exquisite impression of the traditional and newly interpreted cuisine of the area around Lake Garda with its local products.


Many of our guests have rebooked their trip to 2021 trips due to the corona-related cancellation. Thank you very much for that.
All guests who could not decide were refunded their payments within 2 days.

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