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Claudia Rinkenburger

When you hear the word "herbs", you first think of the Mediterranean scents of rosemary, thyme, marjoram and lavender. If you think of “weeds”, the next thought comes up with “weeds”. And at the thought of also eating the unpopular weeds from the garden at home, the hair on the back of the neck stands on end. But it is precisely this shyness to turn into culinary delights that is my favorite mission. Growing up in the small town of Stockach at the end of the Überlinger See, I have loved gardening, forest, meadow and fruit-growing from an early age. In exciting tours I explain all the inconspicuous plants that accompany us faithfully every step of the way and surprise you with tasty culinary delights, so that you can experience our native wild plants with all your senses. Be it the meadow lemonade, in which the ground elder gives its best flavor, or the nettle, which provides its nut fruits for a vitamin bomb called nettle caviar. With stories and the forgotten knowledge from the old days, I would like to awaken your desire and curiosity for unknown, exciting taste sensations. I am particularly pleased that working in nature with a culinary happy ending leads to deep well-being and short breaks. Like my participants, I recharge my batteries with energy and joy for new experiences and culinary adventures in the fields, forests and meadows. If I have made you curious, come to my herbal walks and herbal workshops. I offer individual events by arrangement. I look forward to meeting you, Claudia Rinkenburger


Many of our guests have rebooked their trip to 2021 trips due to the corona-related cancellation. Thank you very much for that.
All guests who could not decide were refunded their payments within 2 days.

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