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Garden Tours the fine way!

We were among the first in Germany to specialize in garden travel in 1990. The idea arose from the fact that flights to distant countries often resulted in stopovers and waiting times at the airports. As a friend of garden and nature, it was obvious to spend the waiting time in the botanical garden of the city. So I believed that many gardeners would also be interested in such beautiful places.

Many garden trips followed in all parts of the world with many enthusiastic garden and plant friends.

In 2014 the brand "Hortifina-Finest Garden Travel" was presented and well received by customers. With "Hortifina- Finest Garden Travel" we have made it our task to invite our guests to private villas and gardens to experience the special, framed by exclusive beauty.

Guests in private villas & gardens with tea or romantic dinners and musical entertainment. Live in stylish hotels and travel with a small group of high-class guests. For all garden lovers who want to combine exclusive beauty, wellbeing and enjoyment.

Our contacts from 30 years of travel activity open many private doors for you.

May we invite you and to make you an enthusiastic customer?


Many of our guests have rebooked their trip to 2021 trips due to the corona-related cancellation. Thank you very much for that.
All guests who could not decide were refunded their payments within 2 days.

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